Outbound is being blocked and breaking VPN access

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Outbound is being blocked and breaking VPN access

Postby theoretician » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:54 pm

I am using murus (have tried both professional and LITE versions) with the default 'ALL SERVICES' open for outbound connections. I am unable to access my VPN server with the firewall on. When I log all blocked connections it reveals lots of lines like:

Feb 15 13:46:36 MyMachine pf[646]: 00:00:02.356140 rule 13/0(match): block out on en0: MyIP > MyVPNIP: GREv1, call 7756, seq 10, ack 0, proto PPP (0x880b), length 40: LCP (0xc021), length 24: LCP, Conf-Request (0x01), id 1, length 22

[Machine names and IP addresses removed]

So, outbound is being blocked despite having the firewall as open as I think I can for outbound connections. If I switch off the murus firewall it connects to the VPN server without problem.

Is this something that can be fixed?

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