Murus License and privacy policy

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Murus License and privacy policy

Post by hany » Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:59 pm

I would like to clarify some aspects of our privacy policy and Murus license.
First of all I want all of you to know that we are definitely committed to respect your privacy with no exceptions. Whether you are a free user or a customer, we will respect you.

All Murus versions do not make any unsolicited inbound and/or outbound connections for any reason, never. That's our philosophy. No exceptions.
It does not check for duplicated licenses over the Internet or over your local network. It lacks an online activation system and can be activated offline.
Murus does not send and/or receive any usage data to/from anyone. We, the developers, are completely unaware of who, when, where and how much Murus is used.
The Murus licensing system does not make use of any machine-id related mechanism. Murus is unable to distinguish between a Mac and another Mac. Murus does not read, evaluate or store any kind of third party hardware/software serial number.
Murus has an automatic update system that makes outbound http queries. This automatic update system is disabled by default.
Murus has a feature to download a list of dangerous IP addresses from a remote URL in order to block them. This feature is disabled by default.

Murus Store
We sell Murus through our reseller, FastSpring. We do get notified by email when someone buys a Murus license. We do get some information like name, surname, address, country, email, phone number. We know also your payment method (paypal or creditcard) but we don't now anything else. FastSpring does not give us your credit card number or your paypal account.
We are not collecting your emails in a list, we are not recording your data in any database. We just keep our POP emails backup. We are not going to share none of this with anyone. We are not going to use your email addresses to communicate with you. We are not going to make any sort of advertising or such. We do not offer a mailing list service. We do hate emails, yes.
However we offer an email support service. We are happy to help Murus users. We are committed to support users as customers.

Murus Web Site
We do use Google Analytics to see access statistics for our web site.

Murus License
Murus Basic and Murus Pro require a license in order to work. A license can be purchased at our website.
One Murus license allows you to install Murus on all your Macs provided that you, and only you, are going to use these Macs.
If you need a family license we do offer it through volume discount. We do also offer an additional 30% educational discount. To obtain an edu discount please contact us by email. We do not require you to proof your entitlement. We will immediately trash and we will not answer all emails containing personal data and/or proofing documents.
PF is part of the OS X operating system. The Murus license is bound to the Murus application, not to the PF configuration files. Once configured, PF runs and it does not need Murus to be running and/or installed on the system. To remove Murus from a Mac the user needs to trash the Murus app icon and empty the trash. Doing so you will preserve the PF configuration files installed by Murus. PF configuration files created by Murus are not part of Murus app. They are part of the system, they are stored in system directories. The user is free to edit, copy and share these file without any license restriction. The user owns these files. Copying PF configuration files created by Murus does not brake the Murus license. Sharing PF configuration files created with Murus does not brake Murus license.