Blocked Connections on Bridged VMware Connection

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Blocked Connections on Bridged VMware Connection

Post by mcr1 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:00 pm


I use VMware Fusion on my Mac and noticed that any virtual machine (Windows or Linux) that uses the bridged network connection results in a tremendous amount of blocked inbound connections, reduced network speeds and connectivity.

Decided to run a speed test on and found Murus had blocked ~78,000 inbound dynamic ports, and at a loss of 15 megabits per second compared to a disabled firewall.

The inbound and outbound dynamic ports are both set to allow everyone. I tried setting static filtering and less restrictive flag policies for inbound dynamic ports, but Murus will instead block outbound dynamic ports bound from the bridged network address.

Does anyone have any suggestions on fixing this?

Thanks in advance

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