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Post by hany » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:50 pm

Scudo 1.0 public beta 6 is now available for download.

What's new:

- Services/apps management views has been redesigned to improve performance and usability.
- Added button to display bandwidth throttling controls popover view for both managed apps and services.
- Added button to display app signature information popover view.
- Added button to display information about open ports. When a managed service has at least an open port, the popover displays information about the process.
- A yellow alert is displayed near app icon if the app is not signed or is signed with an invalid signature or is signed using an invalid certificate.
- Bug fix: when answering notifications the newly generated objects are disabled if Scudo is locked
- The panel view used to configure new or existing services now checks for parameters validity
- Fixed tableview display bug when reordering apps or services
- Added search fields for managed services and apps. Search for app names or ports.
- Open ports detection system has changed, now it is always on. “Monitor open ports” option in Scudo Options -> Inbound has been removed. Scudo always checks if managed services ports are listening or not. If a managed service contains at least an open port the indicator is green, otherwise it is grey.
- Added option “Automatically manage active services” in Scudo Options -> Inbound. When this option is active, if a new listening port is found and the port does not correspond to any managed service, a new managed service is created and added to the list. This new service will be set as passed or blocked according to the main Inbound Policy. Because of that this option has no practical effect on filtering. Please note that Scudo monitors only privileged and registered TCP ports.
- Improved bundle/binaries management. Now when you manually add a file to Scudo if this file is a binary executable belonging to an app bundle Scudo will correctly store it using its binary path instead of its bundle path or bundle’s main executable path.
- Bandwidth management has been changed from the ground up. To throttle apps/services bandwidth click the corresponding “meter” button to display the controls popover view. When updating or importing configuration from older Scudo betas all your old bandwidth settings will be lost. You’ll need to reapply them. Dummynet pipes management is automatic.
- Fixed bug in bandwidth management core that may cause the execution of more than one instance of murusdummynetd daemon.
- Fixed bug that caused a Scudo Monitor crash. Scudo Monitor daemon has been updated, when you run the new Scudo Monitor for the first time you will be requested to authenticate as admin in order to update Scudo Monitor daemon (scudomonitord).

Please note:
To update from earlier Scudo betas simply run the installer.
Old configuration rules are preserved but bandwidth rules are lost so you will need to reapply them.
This release of Scudo is signed using a valid Apple Developer ID certificate and notarized using Apple Notary Service.

Scudo 1.0 public beta 6 is available here: ...

Please report bugs to
Thank you.

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