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Say Hello to Murus 2

The first public beta release of Murus 2.0 is now available at
Murus 2 requires macOS 10.12 and newer including the new macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Murus interface has changed a lot since Murus 2.0. The overall logic paradigm has not changed, but now configuration in more easy, clean and powerful. Customizing the pf ruleset is now much easier as all managed objects policies can be set using custom rules. The new overview offers a clear view over the pf configuration files stored on the Mac, and runtime browser is now faster and more readable. Additionally, adding custom rules is now much easier. The rule editor is more powerful and allows the creation of more complex rules. Bandwidth management has been redesigned, now it is much easier to define inbound/outbound and download/upload limits for managed services.
Logging system has been redesigned too, now it is based on a sql database instead of plain text files. This allows very fast searches and logs analysis. Currently Murus offers only a very simple log viewer. In the near future we will release the new Log Visualizer app that will allow you to make complex searches, graphs, statistics and comparisons.
Lists management is a new important feature as Murus allows to manage as many lists as needed. Addresses Lists can be provided by remote sources via http/https, reading local files or by third party apps and scripts. Each list can be updated manually or automatically, and can be used as blacklist, whitelist, or assigned as source and/or destination in custom rules.
Some of the Murus 1.x features like proactivity, port knocking, deployment are still missing from this beta. They will be added in next betas.
Murus 2 files structure has changed slightly, boot scripts are now store in a different place using different names. If you have Murus 1.x installed and run Murus 2.0 then Murus 2.0 will ask you to delete these scripts. PF configuration files are stored in the same place in /etc/murus/.
This release of Murus 2.0 requires you to authenticate as admin the first time you run it, in order to install its privileged helper This may happen again in the future in case you download a new Murus version and if Murus needs to update its helper.
This beta does not require to authenticate as admin in order to use Murus. This will be changed in next beta.

Murus 2.0 public beta is free. Everybody is welcome to test it.
Please note: this beta software may contain bugs, use at your own risk. Use of this software is subject to end user license agreement.
Murus 2.0 public beta has been signed using a valid AppleID certificate, and has been checked and notarized by the Apple Notarization Service.
This beta version will expire December 1. This release does not include any automatic update mechanism, please check for updates.
Please report bugs to, thank you.

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