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Murus 2.0 public beta 4 is now available for testing.
This release introduces new features, new companion apps and a lot of improvements.
Murus Menulet 2.1 is now part of Murus app bundle. Murus will ask you if you want to install Murus Menulet the first time you run it. It is always possible to install/uninstall Murus Menulet from Murus "MISC" menu in macOS menu bar. This menulet displays PF status in menu bar. Additionally it is used to display PF log user notifications on right top of you desktop. From the menulet menu it is possible to access some Murus functions as well as enable/disable PF (keep ALT key pressed).
PF Log Reader is a new app that replaces the old Murus Logs Visualizer. While currently under development, PF Log Reader is already able to read/search PF log created by Murus 2. PF Log is stored in a sqlite database in /var/log. PF Log Reader app is part of the Murus app bundle and can be opened from Murus main window toolbar or from the menulet.

How to install Murus 2
copy Murus 2 app icon from the installer DMG to your Mac's /Applications directory and run it. The first time you run Murus will need you to authenticate as administrator in order to install or update its privileged helper tool.

How to update from earlier Murus 2 beta
in order to start from a clean Murus install we suggest you to delete /Library/Application Support/Murus/Configuration/murus.conf and all files included in directory /Library/Application Support/Murus/Profiles/

How to upgrade from Murus 1.x
Murus 2 uses a different logic so it is not possible to import a full Murus 1.x configuration. However it is possible to import custom services and custom groups definitions from an old Murus 1.x configuration. Please select 'Import Export' on the left column then select the 'gear' button on right top to import Murus 1.x configuration.

Murus 2 package is signed using a valid Apple Developer ID and is notarized using the Apple Notary Service.
Murus 2 requires macOS 10.12 or newer. Tested on macOS 10.14 and 10.15.

Please note: this is a beta release and may contain bugs. Use at your own risk.
You can get Murus 2 beta 4 at

Please report bugs or comments to

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