Murus 1.2 GUI

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Murus 1.2 GUI

Post by megumi » Tue May 12, 2015 5:03 pm

I just started trying Murus 1.2 beta 2. I like the GUI improvement. But to refine it, I suggest the following:
(1) The 3 display options currently appear in a horizontal row at the bottom left corner of the managed inbound/outbound services pane. These become difficult to see when the pane is scrolled and some services icons/names overlap with these options. I think these display options should be moved elsewhere, possibly on the pane title bar, right next to that title "Managed In/Outbound Services".
(2) Icons in the program window title bar should change to indicate the current status and available options. For example, the buttons for showing/hiding services/groups libraries should change their icons, depending on whether those libraries are currently visible. If the library is currently visible, the button icon should show more clearly that the available action is for hiding the library, and if the library is currently invisible, then the icon should show that the button is for showing the library. Similarly, the up/down triangle buttons for switching between inbound and outbound services panes should change their icons dynamically. When outbound services are showing, the up triangle should dim and deactivated, and only the down triangle should be available. The button for stopping the PF becomes dimmed and deactivated when it is pressed. This is good, because when PF is stopped, the stop button should not be available. I am happy with that. The start button, on the other hand is always available, because even when PF is running, it should be available for re-starting it with a newly adjusted configurations. I am happy with that, too.
(3) The buttons for showing/closing services/groups libraries need re-thinking. Currently, the first (left side) icon acts for showing/hiding library COLUMN, and the second button acts for showing/hiding groups library PANE. Consequently, it is impossible to just show the groups library PANE without the services PANE in the library COLUMN. I think it will be more logical to make the first button to show/hide services library PANE and the second button to show/hide groups library PANE. When both PANES are hidden, the library COLUMN gets hidden altogether. But if EITHER of the library PANE is visible, then the library COLUMN becomes visible.

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Re: Murus 1.2 GUI

Post by hany » Wed May 13, 2015 10:53 am

Hi megumi !! :)
I was awaiting from you some jp news, but no problem, we are not in hurry :) Take the time you need :)
I see your points, I agree with you, the 1.2b2 toolbar needs some fine tuning :)
As you can see we are slowly trying to adapt Murus interface to respect Apple human interface guidelines. It is not easy at all, the toolbar is a nasty thing to manage on OSX.
We will spend some time to improve it, we hope to have some good news for the upcoming public beta 3.
So stay tuned!
Grazie megumi! :)

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