port forwarding to local service

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port forwarding to local service

Post by peter » Sun Nov 01, 2015 3:32 pm

I have one WAN IP address and on the WAN/LAN firewall I'm using NAT to forward external port 9003 to local port 5003, pointing to a a (second) FileMaker Server.
This works fine for all FileMaker clients on the WAN, but I want to use FileMaker Go and seemlesly reconnect when in the LAN or in the WAN. On DNS level this is OK, I use the LAN IP address when on the the LAN and the WAN IP address when on the WAN. This config works with the first FileMaker Server, now I want this to work for the second one as well.

To be able to connect the local FileMaker clients to the FileMaker Server, I hoped to use Murus to NAT 9003 to 5003, so there would be no difference for all client connected to the LAN or WAN. With Murus installed on the second FileMaker Server machine, I created a new custom service in Murus with port 9003, and forwarded the service to NAT client on localhost to 5003. This sounded logicial to me.

But this doesn't work. I tried the NAT rule with the actual IP address of the local machine and the loopback address as well. Is this even possible?
I currently worked around the issue by providing a full NAT rule to my Sophos WAN firewall with an external DNS entry for the second FileMaker Server. But I don't like that setup very much, because it is rather confusing and complicated. Please help. Thanks! -- peter

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