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Murus refund policy

You are strongly encouraged to install and run the free Murus Lite before buying Murus Basic and Murus Pro.
Even if it lacks some features, Murus Lite allows you to get used to Murus, to PF, to their logic and structure. Documentation, help, video tutorials and support are available for Murus Lite as well.

We will reject all refund requests based on these statements:

- I bought Murus to block connections at application layer.
- I bought Murus thinking it was a magic thing that protects my Mac from XXX malware/trojan/virus.
- I bought Murus to do something that can't be done as clearly explained in Murus documentation or tutorials.
- I bought Murus but it does not run on my Windows laptop.
- I bought Murus 3 hours ago but I'm unable to do something with it and I have no time to contact support

These refund requests will be probably considered abuse and will not get any answer.

You have 15 days to try the software and to learn how to use it:
- reading the documentation
- watching video tutorials
- asking support to our support forum
- asking support to developers directly via email

So, buying a license and requesting a refund after a few hours without asking for support is not fine :) Such requests will be ignored.

We will accept all other refund requests, as usual, because we do care about our customers.
If you do not understand or do not like or do not accept this policy then you can mail us and we can have a chat. We are open minded people, you know, we are Mac users. :)

The Murus Team