Threats table and "rule 10"

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Threats table and "rule 10"

Post by redskate » Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:56 pm


On one machine I have 4 tomcats but at the moment I call none thanks to a rule in PF.
This rule is the good "rule10" (Numbering from PF rule browser) blocking from _threats.

I removed from _threats a chinese IP (got from CISCO page) like which was corresponding to my 10-net, reloaded all the ip's into the _threats table and retried calling a tomcat page from an internal 10-address ... the same Rule 10 blocking is still blocking, she should not, since the ip is taken. Testing the table shows me there is not such an ip in _threats any more.

Seems the system is working but with the old set of _threats.

Is there a "cache"? What can I do please in order to get PF to work with current values?


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