Port Forwarding with PF

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Port Forwarding with PF

Post by wrabbit » Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:35 am

hi all..

This is probably more of a general PF question than Murus-specific, but this community is quite knowledgeable so here goes.

I'm trying to get port forwarding working with a VPN on El Capitan. The VPN client tells me that it has opened

When i use http://portchecker.co/check it understandably reports that the port is closed. To remedy this i created the following rule in Murus:

rdr pass utun0 inet proto tcp from any to any port 56200 -> 8080

The port is still closed, but when i create a python www server monitoring it is reported as open. So the port checker appears to detect that a process listening on the port.

The problem is that when i navigate to the web server does not log a request or post a reply. I think perhaps i'm missing a PF rule to allow the www server to fully respond. Digging into it.. meanwhile any pointers would be appreciated.


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