What are the incoming connections on Port 0?

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What are the incoming connections on Port 0?

Post by PoeticKinetics » Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:00 am

I've got a lot of incoming connections that are being passed on Port 0, which is odd because when you set a rule for all services it starts at Port1 not Port0. Can someone explain to me what this could be please?

Here is the info I've obtained about the incoming connections;

port 0 tmosms0 5580 t-mobile sms protocol message 0

Appears to be on interface awdl0 (Direct Wifi), but I’m unsure what that interface even is?

IPv4: - Nothing
IPv6 Link Local fe80::943f:a9ff:fe8b:9ecb
MAC: 96:3f:a9:8b:9e:cb

Pass Out: Shows Lots of IPv6 Traffic

Sniffer: Shows zero traffic captured

Also There is a rule created for utun1, but I don’t have a utun1 listed in the interfaces window (but I used to). Does this indicate a hidden interface somehow, or does the notice/default setup of Murus simply create a rule for the interface utun1 even if it doesn't exist?

The current rule is: Pass quick utun1 all no state

Thank you :)

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