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Post by hany » Thu May 17, 2018 1:14 pm

Vallum 3

Vallum 3.0 is now available for download. Vallum 3 is a free upgrade for all Vallum 1 and Vallum 2 users.

How to upgrade from Vallum 2

Vallum 3 is completely different from Vallum 2, it's based on a different core and uses a different logic.
To upgrade from Vallum 2 to Vallum 3 you must uninstall Vallum 2 using the proper Uninstaller app found in Vallum 2 DMG.
It is not possible to migrate Vallum 2 configurations to Vallum 3.

How to update from Vallum 3 early betas

Vallum 3 public beta users should simply run the Vallum 3.0 installer to update.

Trial Version

Everybody can evaluate Vallum 3 for free for an unlimited time. Vallum will display a popup reminder every now and then, there you can register your Vallum license if you own it, or simply dismiss the popup alert and continue using Vallum.

What's new:

Everything is changed under the hood, Vallum 3 is really different from older versions. However the most basic features are the same, just drag apps and folders icons from the macOS Finder to Vallum window to block them.
- Unlike older versions Vallum 3 features a global set of rules which is displayed on bottom side of main window. Ruleset can be edited managing apps, folders, groups, users or adding custom rules and answering notification popup alerts.
- Every app or folder has its own set of rules. These rules can be generated by Vallum, or by answering notification popup alerts or adding custom rules. Rules order can be changed at any time and rules can be deleted or edited. Unlike previous Vallum versions you are totally free to choose rules order. Additionally, Vallum 3 rules feature a much more complex structure, very similar to pf rules in both syntax and logic.
- Group management allows you to create groups just like Murus. Vallum groups are translated into afw runtime tables just like Murus groups are translated in to pf runtime tables. Some predefined groups are already available, including all nations groups.
- Vallum is now multiuser. You can protect your non-admin users from unwanted connection or schedule their network access policy. Non-admin users can be managed transparently without requiring their acknowledgement or interaction. Each rule can be effective on all users or a specific user.
- Vallum logging system is much more powerful than previous versions. It is now possible to set the “log” flag for each rule. Logs are stored in a SQLite db, Vallum provides several ways to analyse logs including recursive queries, pie charts, monthly and daily graphic reports and comparisons.
- Configuration Assistant is now easier and allows you to configure Vallum in a few seconds.
- Vallum 3 is based on afw, a free kernel-based socket filter. Afw can be controlled from the shell terminal using the afwctl command. afw man pages are included in Vallum documentation.
- Notification popup alerts improvements: it is now possible to pass/block a connection by IP and port, or by group and nation, or it is possible to pass/block a directory included in process path. Then you can set parameters like log, quick, or choose to apply the answer rule to all users or only current user. It is also possibile to choose whether to block an app by path or by name.
- Improved GUI: drag and drop rules between apps or addresses between groups to duplicate, copy/paste apps ruleset, rules and addresses, multiple selections… and much more.

Please report bugs to, thank you.


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Post by gerinho » Thu May 17, 2018 4:46 pm


Installed Vallum 3 from scratch I was using Vallum 2 in this machine but I've created a file with rules from Vallum Beta 7 from another machine.
When I try to import the rules from beta to final version, Vallum simply crashes and when started again,the assistant is presented from the beginning. I have to create all the rules again, I suppose :roll:

Best regards

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Post by LLCoolJ94 » Fri May 18, 2018 3:37 pm

Is a new user manual necessary for Vallum 3?

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Post by inzi » Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:56 am

I did an uninstall and re-install and it only shows a spinning icon.

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Post by hany » Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:11 pm

@gerinho: yes, it may happen in some cases, sorry about that.
@LLCoolJ94: documentation is included in DMG file
@inzi: please do not forget to authorize Vallum kext in macOS System Preferences

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