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Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:32 pm
by hany
Today we announce the availability of Vallum 3.2 public beta which introduces great new features:

Vallum is now able to match processes by path and/or by signature fingerprint. Each signed apps generates a unique string (the AFW Stamp) which is used by AFW (the core of Vallum) to identify a process in place of its path. This ensures that a rule will always match only that process, and if the file is replaced with a fake one, it will not match the rule. AFW Stamps are supposed to stay consistent over app updates.
One can choose to match an app by path or by signature fingerprint, and apps set as "custom" can have a ruleset with a mix of by-path and by-signature rules.
Additionally, Vallum now displays detailed information about signature and tests for both signature and certificates validity. Should an app have an invalid signature or be not signed at all Vallum will display a warning.

Vallum Monitor can be opened from Vallum menulet. It displays all currently connected apps, and for each app you can see all connections, the amount of generated network traffic and current bandwidth usage. Apps list is constantly updated in real time so you are always aware of your Mac's network activities. Right click an app (or a connection) to block it or throttle its bandwidth.
This version of Vallum Monitor only displays traffic on the main network interface, other interfaces are currently ignored.

Vallum is now able to throttle maximum upload and/or download bandwidth for each managed app, independently.
Double click a managed app icon to open App Editor window and select "Bandwidth" panel to apply bandwidth limits. All changes take effect immediately. Bandwidth throttling is obtained using pf (the macOS built-in packet filter) and dummynet (a macOS built-in pf module for traffic shaping). Dummynet pipe management is automatic, you just need to set the bandwidth in Kbit/s or Mbit/s.
In case you already run some pf configuration (manually or using third party apps like Murus) then Vallum should be able to transparently adapt to it.
Please note that "Bandwidth" panel is disabled for apps managed using their bundle path (which is the default for Vallum 3.1 and older).
If you updated from Vallum 3.1 to Vallum 3.2 then probably most of your apps are managed by bundle path.
Panel is disabled because bandwidth limits must be applied to a process, but bundle paths are directory paths. To enable the "Bandwidth" panel remove the app from managed app list and re-add it, Vallum should be able to find the main executable file for all bundles. Now the app should be managed using its main executable path instead of its bundle path, and you should be able assign bandwidth limits. Should a bundle contain more then one executable, you will be able to give them different rules and bandwidth settings.

On macOS almost all applications are bundles. Bundles are directories even if the Finder displays them as files. All apps files are included in the app bundle.
Vallum 3.0 and 3.1 used to manage apps by bundle path. All executables included in the app bundle share the same rules.
VAllum 3.2 introduces some changes. When you manage an app or when you answer a notification in Vallum 3.2 the corresponding managed object will use the process path, not the bundle path. Older configurations will not be changed, if you want an "old style" app to be managed in the new way, simply remove it from Vallum managed apps and re-add it.

This is a BETA release. Use at your own risk. Please backup your Mac before installing this beta software.
This release of Vallum requires macOS 10.11 and up and has been tested on macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14.

To update from Vallum 3.* just run Vallum 3.2 beta installer.
Please read the included (and updated) user manual because Vallum 3.2 introduces some changes to how app bundles are managed.

Vallum 3.2 beta is available here: ...

The package is signed using a valid Apple Developer ID and has been checked and notarized by the Apple Notary Service.