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Post by hany » Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:46 pm

Vallum 3.2 beta 2 is now available for download. This will hopefully be the last beta before the official Vallum 3.2 release.
To update simply run Vallum 3.2 beta 2 installer.

What's new since Vallum 3.2 beta 1:
- improved app bundles management
- bandwidth throttling code has been rewritten, old bandwidth rules are lost and need to be reapplied.
- improved signature check: now Vallum displays altered/missing/added files list for invalid signatures.
- improved certificate validity check: now Vallum displays a info panel for invalid certificates
- Vallum 3.2 beta 2 now uses 3 different alert icons to identify unsigned apps, apps with invalid signature and apps signed using invalid certificates.
- improved App network monitor, now it detects connections on all network interfaces

What's new since Vallum 3.1:
- Vallum is now able to identify apps and processes using their fingerprint instead of their path. Each rule can be set to match a process by path, by name or by fingerprint. Fingerprint (aka AFW STAMP) is a text string obtained reading apps signature.
- Vallum checks for apps signature, it verifies its validity. It checks also certificates used to sign the app.
- Throttle bandwidth: each app/process can be set to use a maximum upload and/or download speed. Bandwidth rules are assigned on a per-process basis.
- Network Monitor: list all current apps connections in real time, display traffic counters and monitor current bandwidth usage for each app independently.
- Apps bundles management has been modified. Vallum 3.1 (and older) managed apps using their bundle path by default. Vallum 3.2 is still able to manage app bundles (old configurations will be left untouched), but default behaviour has changed: new added apps are managed by process path. So you can give different filtering and bandwidth rules to executables included in the same bundle, if you need to. In most cases, this change has no practical effect because almost all app bundles contains only one main executable, almost all app bundles are signed and, most importantly, the app bundle and the included binary executable share the same fingerprint.

Vallum 3.2 beta 2 download link: ...

Please report bugs to, thank you.

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