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Post by hany » Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:58 pm

Vallum 1.1 is now available as a free update for all Vallum users.
As usual, Vallum is also available as tryout.

What's new:

- added option to pass/block port from notification popup alert
- added two new app statuses: inclusive and exclusive apps
- apps records can now be edited in app popover view
- edit apps rules adding/removing IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, hostnames, IPv4 CIDR subnets, ports, port ranges.
- via connections: when possible, agent displays app responsible for an xpc helper connection
- apps can be sorted by status, type or signature
- apps can be filtered by name (in "big icons" view mode) or searched by name (in "list" view mode)
- apps logs can be filtered by process name or address
- option to change apps labels colors
- installer is now based on Apple's and takes care of kernel caches
- some users reported vallumafd (Vallum daemon) memory leaks and cpu overloads. This bug has been fixed.
- information about app signature has been removed from main app window and rules popover view. It will be back in version 1.2.
- information about app signature in notification alerts does not automatically show. You need to do it manually clicking the button.

Everybody is advised to update to Vallum 1.1.
Updating is a very easy process, just double-click the Vallum Installer. When the install procedure is finished your Mac will be rebooted.
Your old Vallum active configuration and your old custom presets will be preserved.
Manual and Vallum Uninstaller are included in the DMG disk image, inside directory "Docs & Uninstaller".

Please submit ideas, feature requests or bugs to or here in this forum thread, thank you.

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