Logvisualizer +Valium + Murus

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Logvisualizer +Valium + Murus

Post by R4BC » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:12 am

Hi All,

So I finally upgraded to the Valium + Murus + Logvisualizer combination from previously running Murus + Little snitch. Definitely, Valium has many benefits over little snitch, and is less annoying.

Anyways, I have had two issues so far:

1. Log visualizer does not display any logs... I played with the settings and have yet to find a solution.
2. Valium only displays the IP addresses, how can I get it to show the resolved domain names?

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. I wonder if other have the same issues.


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Re: Logvisualizer +Valium + Murus

Post by hany » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:38 am

Thank you :)
1. For empty visualizer issue please see here: http://murusfirewall.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=252
2. Vallum 2 displays hostnames in notification window but not in app rules. This is because firewalls do not use hostnames, only ip addresses. When you add a rule using a hostname (with Vallum, Murus, or other firewalls) the firewall resolves it. Dealing with hostnames in a firewall app is somehow misleading :)
It can be useful however to be able to resolve IP addresses in logs and possibly somewhere else, and Vallum 3 will offer this feature, but only in places where this cannot lead to confusion or mistake. For example, if you add a rule using an hostname that resolves to more than one IP address, Vallum 3 will create a rule for each IP address. App ruleset will display one rule using a hostname, while in runtime this rule will be expanded in rules using only IP addresses.

Some Vallum 3 preview screenshots:

- this is how a custom app rule appears in Vallum 3

- and this how it is expanded in runtime by Vallum 3 core (AFW)

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