NAT port for Docker

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NAT port for Docker

Post by Mouftik » Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:16 am

Hi all,

I am using Murus on a little server which provide multiple services, so I use Murus to filter which service can be accessible from my inside network only or if I want to expose them outside.
For now I am trying to configure a NAT rule because I am using Docker. So I have the network schema like this one :

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Internet <--> Server (Murus) <-- --> Docker apps
                             <-- --> Internal Network
The Network is an bridge interface which is only local to the server. And I want to create a rule for my client to allow them to connect to a port (808x) with the IP of my server (like for example).

My first idea was to create a custom service, and check the "Redicrect to NAT client" and enter the IP/Port but with no success.
Secondly I created a custom RDR PASS rule like : rdr pass inet proto tcp from any to any port 8085 -> port 8080 but no success either.

I may have missed something in the Murus UI which permits this to be done correctly, but what ?

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