Murus 2 Release Notes

Murus 2.0.1
Release Date : 24 Feb 2020

  • added support for Apple anchor
  • added hosts file management (experimental)
  • it is now possible to rename custom services, services ports are now automatically sorted
  • Murus configuration is saved every time the PLAY button is clicked and when Murus Configurator quits
  • fixed NAT anchor definition bug
  • fixed bug in Assistant
  • fixed bug in ICMP filtering option
  • fixed bug in activation window
ZIP file md5 checksum : 7289d40f05a408cf8e651c548e285f52
SHA256 Hash: f9f8174fc928009f0990e38ce650e95582004f729b5c018c098382cde92b3408

Murus 2.0
Release Date : 15 Jan 2020

  • First public release
ZIP file md5 checksum : 2b80e809997c0bcd03b94bff0c39c23a
SHA256 Hash: ca8d475f28b3cb4c1a2e5e1e65fb74be2e6575b8f9ab8541b9d1a9c1b6aac16c