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Murus unleashes the great power of the macOS built-in PF firewall. Protect your network resources using a very simple interface, take advantage of the many pro features available to design and implement your network infrastructure, to monitor performances and proactively filter dangerous traffic at network layer.
Murus is available in three different versions in order to meet everyone’s needs.
And there’s even more: port knocking, adaptive firewall, NAT and many other features including a blazing-fast logging system.

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Vallum is an application-layer firewall designed to protect your privacy intercepting outbound connections from your apps. Using its very simple yet powerful interface you can forge your firewall ruleset simply dragging apps icons. Pro users will be able to create fully customized rulesets using the power of AFW, the core of Vallum, using a logic and a syntax very similar to PF. Additionally, Vallum allows a per-app bandwidth tuning, so you can save time and money on your limited mobile data plans. And Vallum is also able to perform controls over the authenticity of your apps and certificates, so you are always sure if an app is legit or not.
Vallum voted the Best Mac Firewall by MacUpdate Community

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Monitor and throttle apps bandwidth on a per-app basis using a simple interface
Snail main window displays real-time apps bandwidth and total traffic
Use controls next to each app to tune apps bandwidth
Mobile data cap? Save data using Snail! Automatically enable bandwidth throttle when connected to your iPhone local hotspot and automatically disable it when connected to home wifi or ethernet network
Working from home? reduce your videocalls bandwidth usage to save data and to let more users share the same Internet connection.

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Murus, Vallum and Snail are bundled together in our Murus Pro Bundle.
It is also possible to purchase Murus Basic, Vallum or Snail separately, as standalone products.



Scudo is a hybrid firewall that combines the most basic features of both Murus and Vallum in one window. Aimed at simplicity, its super-easy interface allows everyone to configure a firewall. The Scudo window is divided in two:
- The left side, the "Murus" side, is where you define inbound rules at the network layer. This protects your shared resources like shared documents, screen or printer, and tuning your inbound bandwidth.
- The right side, the “Vallum” side, is where you allow or deny outbound connections from your apps and where you can set per-app bandwidth limits and verify apps' authenticity and certificates' validity.
Scudo is an alternative to both Murus and Vallum and can be used only on systems where Murus and Vallum are not installed.

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All our apps are signed using a valid Apple ID certificate and notarized using Apple Notary Service. Fully functional unlimited tryouts versions are available for all our apps, as usual. And, because we care about your privacy, our apps do not need online activation, they do not require Internet connection to install, activate or function, they do not perform online checks for license validity.

Support is free for all our customers and users. Please contact us at, you will get assistance directly from the developers.