• block list
Outbound custom rules

Add custom rules to managed apps. Now it is possible to add rules to match IP addresses, ranges, hostnames and domains. Each managed app can be configured with its own ruleset so can fine tune your apps permissions to access the network.

  • block list
Block list

Define a global list of blocked IP addresses and/or CIDR network addresses. All inbound and outbound connections from/to these addresses will be blocked. You can take advantage of the many public block lists available on the Internet to increase your Mac’s security blocking well-known dangerous hosts and networks.

  • Inbound custom rules
Inbound custom rules

Improved management of inbound services custom rules. It is now possible to reorder custom rules in order to easily create inclusive or exclusive rulesets

  • Location awareness
Location awareness

An extra security feature that automatically blocks all inbound connections where you are connected to untrusted WiFi hotspots. So when you are at home you can keep your file sharing activated and allowed by the firewall, and when you leave your home and connect to a public hotspot you don’t have to remember to turn off your file sharing and/or edit firewall rules.


Easily switch Scudo configuration using profiles. You can create as many profiles as you want, each profile can be activated in a mouse click. This allows you to quickly adapt your firewall configuration to the operating environment.

Mac App Store sandboxed app

Scudo is now a fully sandboxed app, thus is more secure and reliable. It is now distributed on the Mac App Store, so you automatically get updates when available.

Share with your family

One-time purchase, no subscriptions, no ads, and you can buy Scudo for you and then share it with members of your family, for free.

Privacy first

Scudo respects your privacy: no data il collected by the app, your personal information or files are never accessed by Scudo